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amish at work dvd

Amish at Work

From the back cover: Work is a form of worship to the Amish. They demonstrate their love of God by serving others. All of their vocations are done with great care which is why anything "Amish made", is associated with quality and integrity.

Wherever the Amish migrated to during the colonial times, that area would prosper and flourish because of their fine craftsmanship and stewaredship of the land. That is still the case today! Unemployment is virtually unheard of in their society. The Amish did not suffer during the Great Depression ue to their self sufficiency.

"Amish at Work" is a privileged rare oppotunity to look at places and people that are usually off limits to most tourists. See for yourself as we go deep into the woods and catch a rare glimpse of old fashioned tree harvesting done with draft horses! You'll also stop by a saw mill and watch how they cut and grade the wood before it is sent to the kiln for drying. Watch as they make oak and cherry furniture that is so unique to the Amish. "Amish at Work" also features:

  • Barn Raisings
  • Sorghum Making
  • Old Order Style Farming
  • Tree Planting
  • Amish Women Quilting
  • Hickory Rocker Shop
  • Blacksmithing
  • Selling Milk
  • Plus Much More

35 Minutes

reflections of amish life dvd

Reflections of Amish Life

From the back cover: You'll be inspired by this close-up look into the Amish way of life. You will discover all there is the know about the Amish from their early beginnings, their home life, their religious values, and their simple habits and lifestyles.

"Reflections of Amish Life" offers hundreds of spontaneous scenes coupled with authoritative narration by Amish, Mennonite and English historians. It also introduces the viewer to the riddles and complexities of the Amish faith and culture and what inspires one man to spend years of study and sacriface to join the Amish faith and then leave twelve years later.

Along the way, you'll meet a large group of Amish quilters as they piece together one of their beautiful quilts, many of which have a religious significance and as such are an important part of Amish life.

This video captures all four seasons filled with the beauty and charm of Amish farmsteads and country back roads. Witness the tranquil beauty of Amish country in the wintertime and delight in watching as Amish children play in the snow and tend to the baby animals the family raises for income.

"Reflections of Amish Life" includes informative narration on additional topics of interest such as child rearing, courtship, religious holidays, ordination and much more!

You'll discover why millions of tourists from around the world are visiting this special part of the country. It's like stepping back in time to a much simpler less hurried existence. A "must see" for viewers of all ages who are fascinated by Amish Life.

65 minutes

amish values - plain and simple dvd

Amish Values & Virtues... Plain & Simple

From the back cover: Faith, Persistence, Self-Responsibility, Charity, Honesty, Friendship: these are the "Virtues & Virtues" held dearly and practiced by the Amish. Researchers say the Amish are the happiest group in America. Has our fast-paced, technologically advanced, Information Age left many of us unfulfiiled and unhappy? Do the ways of the Amish offer insights and examples for our comtemporary society?

The Amish choose to live without cars, computers, TV's, or electricity. And yet they embody the harmony and contentment that many of us seek. Learn how the Amish simplify their lives and as a result spend more time with their family and friends. Experience how the Amish funeral eliminates stress and anxiety instead of increasing it.

Delight in hearing an Amish sister quartet sing their favorite Christian songs and watch an Amish family working at home and in their workshops.

The Amish illustrate a way of life that is outwardly simple, yet inwardly rich. By witnessing their simple tenets of voluntary simplicity you too will learn what it's like to live "Plain and Simple".

Amish Virtues & Values features intimate footage of Amish live never captures on video before.

60 Minutes

an amish barn raising vol 2 dvd

An Amish Barn Raising
Vol 2.

From the back cover: It is the Amish tradition to help on another in times of need. A barn raising is one of those times. An Amish family might need a new barn because of fire from arson, lightening or because they are beginning a new farmstead. Friends and neighbors through verbal invitation, gather from all around to help. In early colonial America, a barn raising was commonplace, and the Amish have continued this American tradition.

A barn raising completed in one day is a complex and challenging undertaking. It requires weeks of advance preparation and lots of good old fashioned muscle power, working shoulder to shoulder as a team.

Te barn could't get off the ground without the help of the women, many of whom have been cooking for days, making their pan fried chicken and delicious homemade pies. It's also a tradition to make sure the help is well fed!

On this DVD you will have rare oppoartunity to witness

  • wall by wall skeletal frames being erected
  • young boys pitching in carrying lumber and keeping the work area clean of debris
  • the huge lunch hour where they eat cafeteria style in groups called hitches

As you watch, every aspect of this event will be explained from the raising of the first wall, the lunch buffet, the interaction of the foreman with his crews, to putting the hay and straw in the barn upon completion.

Digitally filmed in a beautiful sunny in 2001, you'll feel like you stepped back 100 years in time. Inspirational to watch for both young and old!

60 Minutes

an amish barn raising vol 2 dvd

A Train Ride thru Amish Country

From the back cover: On this video you will experience some of the most beautiful footage ever taken of Ohio's Amish countryside. Not only will you journey by train but also by car, horse drawn sleigh and buggys throughout central Ohio's tri-county area, home of the worlds largest Amish community. Amish country has a nostalgic feel of stepping back in time to a simplier less hurried way of life.

You'll buggy ride over gently rolling hills and broad vast farm lands. As you pass by neatly painted barns next to their stately yet simple farmhouses you will reminisce as you absorb the beauty. Hop aboard Ohio's oldest authentic locomotive, an ride the rails past several farmsteads as Amish farmers and their families till thier fields, bring in their cows and haul their produce to market. You'll step back in time as you: visit an Amish blacksmith shop and watch over his shoulder has he shods a horse; visit an Amish toy maker's shop; visit Sugarcreek's horse auction where Amish farmers but their horses; and witness an historic Amish housemoving!

You'll delight in seeing Amish boys & girls play baseball and other games, walking home from school and frolicking in their pastoal playgrounds. Plus narration that provides you with special insight into Amish lifestyles, values and beliefs.

60 Minutes